Mattie Dogen's Architectvra Militaris Moderna PDF

By Mattie Dogen

Книга посвященная фортифкации Нового времени, точнее XVII века. Издана тогда же.

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Catherine A. ”14 One witness stated that the soldiers were not thinking of “excesses,” only of “pillage and rape,” as if violence against women could be counted among the guaranteed spoils of war (CEH, 3:29). After the event, bodies of dead rape victims were exhibited, sometimes with sticks in the anus or vagina to publicize the fact that rape had taken place. Consider these eyewitness accounts, in which the spare language only emphasizes the extreme violence that accompanied rape. The first is from Guatemala: One day I managed to escape, and from my hiding place, I saw a woman.

In Guatemala, women were mutilated, their breasts or bellies cut, and if they were pregnant, fetuses were torn from their bodies. In one case, a woman’s breasts were cut off after the rape, and her eyes were pulled out. Her body was left hanging on a pole with a stick in her vagina (CEH, 3:35). A pregnant woman was raped in front of her children and then was killed, and the children were knifed to death. There were many cases of adolescent girls and children being raped (CEH, 3:36 – 4 0). In a Peruvian incident, a witness was raped anally and vaginally until she was almost dead, while the soldiers insulted her, shouting “bitch betrayer of Peru, this is how you’ll die” (CVR, 348).

Although the arrangement underwent modifications and attack over the centuries, the cultures of the indigenous communities of highland Peru and Guatemala were powerful incubators of practices and Jean Franco 6/5/07 10:46:16 AM beliefs that provided alternatives to the dominant culture. This is not to say that they were ideal or utopian communities but that they had reserves of historical memory and experience that should have been respected. The civil wars struck at the very roots of these traditional arrangements in a bid to abolish indigenous difference, if not through extermination, by conscripting indigenous people into the state apparatus as recruits against the insurgency and forcing them to participate in acts of violence against their own communities.

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