New PDF release: Anti-Idiotypes, Receptors, and Molecular Mimicry

By D. Scott Linthicum, Nadir R. Farid

ISBN-10: 1461237343

ISBN-13: 9781461237341

ISBN-10: 1461283256

ISBN-13: 9781461283256

Here is an up to date assessment of significant new equipment and ends up in anti-idiotypes, receptors, and molecular mimicry.It starts off with a dialogue of the theoretical history ofthe anti-idiotypic community, it really is position within the legislation of immune reaction, and the actual features of anti-idiotypic antibodies. It then is going directly to discover many exciting purposes in such parts as insulin motion, thyroid cellphone functionality, the neurosciences, cardiology, virology, pharmacology, and copy.

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For example, monoclonal IgMs with rheumatoid factor (anti-IgG) activity have been described in Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia (2) and BenceJones proteins exhibiting tissue binding specificity have been identified in amyloidosis (3). As these binding specificities are mediated by the variable regions, an examination of the structure and distribution of the idiotypes characterizing these paraproteins may extend our understanding of the phenomena. Recently, 10 of 12 monoclonal IgM rheumatoid factors (RFs) were shown to possess a cross-reactive idiotope by virtue of reactivity with an anti-idiotype raised against a synthetic peptide derived from the second hypervariable region of the light chain of the IgM-RF Sie (4).

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