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In cases where some allowance for spillage drag is considered to be necessary the drag increment can be replaced by an equivalent negative increment of thrust. 4). 6) at very small C L is that the vortex drag factor kv is not strictly constant at low C L if the wing is twisted. To overcome these difficulties the constants Kx and K2 should be chosen to give the best possible representation of the true drag polar over the range of C L that is covered in normal cruising and climbing flight, and not at values of C L close to zero.

7) In order to obtain an indication of the effect of this change of Reynolds number on C D and hence on )3, a long-range civil transport aircraft will be considered as an example. For such an aircraft in the cruising condition Bowes (1974) has given a breakdown of the components of drag, showing that roughly 50% of the total drag is due to skin friction. This part of the drag is approximately proportional to the drag of a flat plate of equivalent area and so varies with Reynolds number in the same way as the drag of the flat plate.

Moreover, as will be explained in Chapter 5, increasing forward speed often gives an increase of shaft power and the propeller efficiency may also increase, especially in the lower part of the speed range. 10 where the best speed is above Ve*. The evaluation of the speed for minimum /5Ve will be considered in Chapter 3. 9) as t=\ -Ah. 11) Essentially this requires an evaluation of Vc at a number of heights within the required range, but several options are open, depending on the flight conditions.

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