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8, 19). : 20). Political outcomes like these were often seen by contemporary commentators as part of the empire debates considered in Chapter 1. Since the end of the eighteenth century, a powerful native tradition in American political history had viewed empire ‘as the republic’s permanent temptation and its potential nemesis’ (Ignatieff 2003a). After 9/11, anxious affirmations of American empire like Michael Ignatieff’s ‘The American Empire (Get Used to It)’ (2003a) were replete with references to the warnings of the founding fathers and other political leaders of the early republic.

A grouping led by Osama bin Laden began arguing that the defeat of apostate Islam rested on driving out US influence from the affairs of Muslims. Cut the head off the snake, the theory ran, and apostate regimes that depended for their survival on American support would perish, along with Israel. For Scheuer, bin Laden’s historical significance lay partly in his successful lobbying for a shift from targeting apostate governments (reflecting a Koranic requirement to tackle the ‘near-enemy’ first should Islam be attacked) to an ‘America-first’ strategy.

Human rights NGOs, lawyers and political activists attacked the Act for fostering a ‘lack of due process and accountability’ which ‘violates the rights extended to all persons, citizens and non-citizens, by the Bill of Rights’ (ACLU 2003). ; see also Chang 2002; Cole and Dempsey 2002). Another damaging allegation was that the executive had been ‘hijacked’ by sectional interests, usually identified either as a sinister POLITICS 35 cabal of neoconservative warhawks hellbent on attacking Saddam Hussein, or as corporate powerbrokers from the US energy and defence companies which did particularly well out of contracts to ‘reconstruct’ Afghanistan and Iraq (some of whom had close ties with President Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney).

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